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  1. analysis of inflammation at the same time. Youthful emergence of small pox because sebaceous excessive hyperplasia, hair.... 2009-08-17 01:17:51 補充: Key word: Youthful small pox, analeptic

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  2. 「くるみ」 (kurumi)日劇-西洋古董洋果子店主題曲~ youthful days youthful _days.htm其他

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  3. ...easy one: "Attractive SWF, fun loving and a youthful mind seeks outgoing companion." Okay..."...

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  4. ...01 圖片參考: youthful daysDrawing (西洋骨董洋果子店主題曲...

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  5. 年輕:Young(n) 年輕;朝氣;青春 活力: youthful (adj)富於青春活力的,朝氣蓬勃的; Lively 精力充沛的;活潑的...

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  6.]構成副詞. 但是[young]這個字似乎查不到[youngly]的形態, 只有另一個相關的[ youthful ]有[ youthfully ]這樣的副詞形態. *[young]泛指未成熟的, 剛起步, 正在成長的狀態...

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  7. She has devoted all her youthful life to the company, at the end, she was actually critisized by her company as a worthless employee.

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  8. 檔案:V.A - Youthful Beauty OST.rar 解壓縮就可以聽了^_^ 2012-01-30 20:27:37 補充:

  9. ...up my chinese software ^^) I think a big green smile means a big youthful smile, since the green also means youthful , fresh, etc. E.g. The...

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  10. ... to the Lake," White revisits his ideal youthful vacation spot. He finds great joy in his visit, but he also ...

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