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  1. ...第一段如下: My below enclosed resume will show you that I have had diversified experiences in... expect to finish CCC by the end of this year to complete my short term plan.

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  2. ...expression on the left-hand-side involves X and "alpha" only. I just leave it for you to complete the derivation, as it involves only algebric manipulation. Hope the above...

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  3. ... holiday and flights you took with our company. I am (sorry) you have experienced (unacceptable) service from us. If possible, I ...

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  4. ... your subject studied in AD, if you are going to apply for transfer credits. real example for my fd, she had completed HD of business then applied major...

  5. ... in his homework. (State the possible reason using (might, complete , yet) and begin with but given words) Is it the dog again why...

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  6. ...form needs to be amended or not . If there is no problem, I shall submit the completed form to Mr.Li. Is the signature on the attachment effective by your BOC ? (if not,when does the signature becomes effective?)

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  7. Dear DNF:- (1)advantage (2)revolutionary (3) yourself (4)sure (5)offer (6)at (7)grown (8)should (9)to contact (10)comprehensive

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  8. (1)breakdown---as shown and make clear already; (2)settle (3)affordable (4)fit (5) you will agree (6)as you can see (7)Could (8)refinements (9)Firstly (10)specifications

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  9. (1)note, (2)So, (3)feel free, (4)means, (5)complimentary-adj-given free, out of courtesy.(6)mention, (7)Should, (8)budget, (9)enables, (10)By.

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  10. (1)regarding, (2)sorry, (3)unacceptable, (4)would, (5)forward, (6)details, (7)can, (8)issues, (9)raised, (10) reply.

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