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  1. ...桑瑪士 肯尼士 Pro Ace Dr. pro 以上 但未有你所說” Wrap ”這個品牌,所以這個問題應該大家都沒辦法回答喔!

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  2. 這句話的意思是 今天的工作進度完成了!(通常拍電影要結束工作時導演所說的話) 2006-06-03 10:49:15 補充: wrap 有包裝 包起來的意思 that s a wrap 也可以說let s call it a day..(今天完成啦)

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  3. 3 boxes of over- wrap breakages. 5 boxes of over- wraps are damaged... with a little bit pure incoming goods, 2 boxes of over- wraps are damaged.(inside the article short of 3) The over- wrap ...

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  4. I keep every tear like an ocean 我像海洋一樣保持每滴眼淚 For every day that my fortune 那我命運每天 Kept me from being with you 對和你在一起隱瞞我 I cradle your faith that reveals me 我將顯示我的你的信任置於搖籃中...

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  5. ... I know, I'm ok You cradle me gently Wrapped in your arms.... I'm home I'm seeing so...

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  6. gift wrapping 就是"禮物包裝"的意思 wrapping 就是包裝的意思(動詞是 wrap ), 例如: wrapping paper(包裝紙) 2006-04-19 18:25:47 補充: 葉小妹回答的package應該是"包裹"的意思喔

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  7. The babies all wrap up the urine one all day long, wrap up correctly and appropriately, there is no situation...have space that spread, don't is it live in to make foot to want, will not wrap up crookedly either. In the face of moving the baby moving, the...

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  8. Boxing BasicsHand Wraps  This instruction is demonstrated using a ...clockwise on the Wrapplicator, as it is in Figure 1, you will wrap your right hand first. If the wrap is wound counter...

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  9. 1. fine wrap meal 2. shelled fresh shrimp egg-fried rice set of meal 3. 蠔 oil...the set of meal 10. tomato sirloin to braise food set of meal 11. tomato sirloin surface wrap meal 12. Italy tomato meat sauce surface wrap meal 13. crisp Pi ...

  10. 雖然不知道你問的綁法但我有一個視頻給你看多多少少應該會對你有幫助 鞋帶綁法學問高

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