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  1. ...very strong and firm in body and spirit. That day would be my memorable day worth remembering.

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  2. ...the hamburger, not very expensive,  but the beef inside was very fresh and juicy, and worth the value of it. Later we also ate some snowflake ice-cream, hot ...

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  3. Finish first. For what it worth - many graduates do not end up the same field of their studies. So it is immature to know how you can end up with.

  4. Fifth Harmony - Worth It (ft. Kid Ink) 演出者: 五佳人 精選演出者: 墨童...

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  5. 你如果沒有朋友在Malta馬爾他(位於南歐) 就不用理他 這鐵定是詐騙集團

  6. ...healthy 我認為健康是美好的。) 2.(1) They thought (that) the novel worth reading. The verb in the that-clause cannot be omitted...

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  7. ... Seeley - New Classic Fifth Harmony - Worth It ft. Kid Ink

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  8. 1.It's worth noting that all men and women are to some degree ...

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  9. Fifth Harmony - Worth It ft. Kid Ink

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  10. ...中,不論你致力於何事,它毫無疑問地會竭盡心力為你著想。 It's worth the effort to think critically. 批判性思考會讓你值回票價。

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