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  1. ..... 那接下來的後句亦應該改為 please share THEM with me. Wish you to have Good Learning...

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  3. ... violence doesn't solve problems, does it? I wish everyone can respect each other and help to resolve this human difference; not just about race...

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  4. ...a copy of an agreeable writing yourself. With best of wishes .

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  5. 不是 這是省略主詞 I'll 原來應該是 I'll make a wish and I'll send it to heaven.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年11月17日

  6. ...你做錯神事啊? > 請問英文中的假設語氣 > I wish I had been born in the city. > 我不...她(媽媽)把我生出來在1997年. > 我當初寫的是I wish I had born in the city. 你是錯誤的.這是因為...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年09月10日

  7. would that ... used to express a strong wish or desire: Would that (=if only) she could see her famous son now. see...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年07月03日

  8. 如果更換火星塞最好是全部換新 避免因為其中一只火星塞的火花間隙過大或過小影響點火時間發生不正常的震動頓挫 火星塞間隙關係高壓線圈的點火時間是否會提早會延後 間隙過大會延遲點火[不利加速] 間隙過小可能提前點火[不利啟動] 可見 你這台車的火星塞間隙過大 踩油門加速時反應...

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  9. ...verb is in subjunctive mood. The correct answer should be (B) as " wish " is not usually used in the present progressive tense.

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  10. 任職於╳╳廠期間,有很多不可思議,日常生活中不容易見到的管理大漏洞,出現在我眼前 During the time I worked at the XX factory, I observed many major shortcomings in management that would be incredibly hard to be seen in normal daily life...

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