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  1. ...and TOEFL. For the schools you have applied, it will be best to have a GMAT higher than 600 with TOEFL...

  2. ...not required to show financial proof for admission. 4. The loans will be disbursed by the school. 2011-03-07 02:51:28 補充: 1. It...

  3. ...whatever that class is even you don't know that language before. The school will teach you for no excuss. I have been in UVIC for two...

  4. Your call will be transfered to the voice mailbox. Charges will begain after the beep. Please...

  5. ... - your mindset is at the wrong place. What you think will not help you at all.

  6. ...immigration, then your Taiwanese Passport with ESTA approval will be good enough. 5. Yes.

  7. ..., if the value is not large enough, a bank-issued money order will be provided to you instead.

  8. ...enrollment is always required. So simply having ISIC will not make eligible for a student ticket.

  9. ...penalty). 3. In special circumstances (like late W-2), IRS will not penalize for late filing.

  10. ... also applied for this through this company. Of course, they will charge you for this application.