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  1. ...ever associated with a Google account, the Google account will have the record of it. Then you will be able to tell which exact account you have...

  2. Not recommended even allowed. This bicycle is designed for speed. So adding components like this will significantly increase the weight and reduce the speed or acceleration.

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  3. Many clothing are only available for 1 season only. So the chance is very slim. But Hugo Boss Kids will be your best chance.

  4. It is different than typical. It means that the air will run through the cabin air filter first. Then the air will come out from the front air vents.

  5. You can apply for both. But if there will be an interview, you can only interview for one.

  6. ...例1.「彼は来るだろうか」「多分そうだろう[そうではないだろう]」. “ Will he come?"—“I expéct sò [I dòn't...

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  7. ...產出 以及我發現的工作異常! If you cannot do these,  I will impose everyone's rest time and production target. And to correct the abnormality...

  8. No. Whoever presenting the evidence will have to create an acceptable exhibit for the Court.

  9. ...line that went through your neighborhood. Josh:-very true, but traffic will cease to be a problem soon. Jess:-What? You sure know how to...

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  10. yea i think so it is a landmark tho so i think it will be there