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  1. wife 是妻子的 意思 喔ˊ__>ˋ 你說的應該是WI-FI 點進去"設定"就會看到"WI-F"I點進去然後打開 然後選擇你要連的網路 如果要密碼要先打密碼 那這樣就可以連上囉~

  2. hahaha.... A man wants his wife to be fat so other people will think that the man is rich and the he is responsible. 男人會希望自己的太太胖一點﹐所以別人就會認為他有錢﹐又有責任感。

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  3. 1. The saleslady compacted a neat package out of my wife 's purchase. 大部分時候,out of 相當於 from。表示某事物的「來源」。 字面上 意思 是,售貨女士裝了一個精美的包包,裡面的東西來自我太太所購。 翻譯成中文...

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  4. ... to be answered: Why did you leave your wife of only one month?

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  5. ...bara jag utan ocks min fru spelar fiol---I play the violin and my wife does as well

  6. ....aspx?AID=69820 網址裡的 appearing as JAPANESE WIFE 意思 就是 - 出現飾演 日本妻子 關於這個女演員目前所得到的資料就這麼多,希望能...

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  7. ...第二個問題:The husband was found to have poisned his wife by design to have poisned his wife by design.這個不定詞片語,是find(句中...

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  8. Wife Happy Birthday was sorry very much I have not ...

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  9. ... or property presented by a man s family to his prospective wife s family as part of the marriage. bridewealth. 彩禮. 由新郎或他的親屬付給新娘親屬...

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  10. You dare go out with Livia (My wife ),I'll kill you indeed... 你膽敢跟Livia出去(我老婆),我真的會殺了你。

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