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  1. 甚麼是「 widower 」? widower is a male = 鰥夫 (widow = 寡婦) A man whose wife has died, and who has not married again (yet)

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  2. widower 1. 鰥夫[C] George was a widower with six young children. 喬治是個帶著六個小孩子的鰥夫。

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  3. Once there was a widower who for his second wife, married a proud and haughty woman. ...

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  4. ...得鰥魚焉,其大盈車。――《孔叢子三抗志》 (4) 死了妻子又未再結婚的男人 [ widower ] 有鰥在下,曰虞舜。――《書•堯典》 老而無妻曰鰥。――《孟子•梁惠王...

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  5. ... Unkrich (co-director) story: Marlin (a clown fish) is a widower who only has his son Nemo left of his family after a...

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  6. 1.A man whose wife has diedAns: widower 2.A person who is very stingy. Ans:miser

  7. 應該是 WIDOW Widow Person = 喪偶人仕 2009-09-19 11:08:12 補充: 鰥夫 = Widower

  8. ... Ballard, about the daughter (Anna Paquin) of a widower (Jeff Daniels) who, with her father, leads a flock of...

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  9. ... (Significant other) Divorced Widow/ Widower

  10. ...lie on you for other thing. The main question here is not he is widower or not, but do you trust him?. 2011-04-27 23:02:09 補充: No - because...

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