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  1. 1. Wherein said first device is integral with said motor 在那裡第一...load第二傳輸設備系統被連結到第一傳輸設備的輸出和旋轉負荷的功率輸入之間3. wherein the first transmission device included at least one of a gear train, friction...

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  4. ...molecule encoding an HPV 52 L1 protein into a yeast host cell; wherein the nucleic acid molecule is codon-optimized for optimal expression in the...

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  5. it 是吃它. eat of it 是吃從它出來的. 這裡是樹上的果子. 其他thereof, wherein , 等等在這個link 有些example. wherein

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  6. 1. isopropyl alcohol with nitric acid, wherein the reaction is maintained within a temperature range of from about

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  7. ...那叫他從死裏復活 神的功用。 2:12 Buried with him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with him through the faith of the operation of...

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  9. the term "barbell economy" to describe a situation wherein the very rich and very poor are clustered at the ends of the...

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