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  1. Your trust in a friend will prove well - founded . 您對朋友的信任信任將被證明是有根據的。 2008-08-05 17:40:24 補充: Sorry,筆誤多key"信任"兩字

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  2. ...得到)一些美國憲法第一修正案保護的 well established = well known, well founded 眾所周知 a measure of = some amount of, a limited amount of 有些a measure of...

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  3. 在這個部分的剩餘部分方面, 我們擴大upop這次最初突然空襲到透過建議建造在方法之間的三角測量, 研究人員怎樣能使用不分享群分析的強壯的對研究人員判斷的倚賴發展對經驗的結果的信心的技術, 並且更寬,建立得好的關於組織的知識。

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  4. ...leadership skills gained from managing a large distribution center as well as founding and managing a multi-million dollar business.EXPERIENCEGeneral ...

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  5. Circular Quay, the hub of Sydney Harbour as well as the founding site for Sydney and Australia.

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  6. ...session upon your request. Company s Name is a well -established founding company manufacturing of MEMS (Micro Electro ...

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  7. IKEA is(應該是was) founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. Second furniture is (應該...

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  8. ... clarify the first sentence for you. The executives founded the IVC Displays in 2003. Those executives have...

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  9. find found found 發現 found founded founded 創建 所以第一題不可能是2

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  10. Founded in 1992, ABC Company is a leader specializing in the development and distribution of electronic...excellent performance and value. Today, ABC is the key market supplier of rechargeable energy devices as well as digital, computer and telecommunications accessories. ABC s mission is to provide more...

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