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  1. 是法律用詞吧。 Well noted below message 好像比較少見 你下面陳述的我們已經知道了。

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  2. .... Michael Jordan is noted for his nice basketball skills. 2006-08-23 22...similar expressions: be renowned as/forbe ( well )known as/forbe famous as/for

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  3. Noted and will input a little of my effort on it.有已經知道並將會多盡一點心力~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Noted 有已經知道 已經注意到的 意思 will input a little of my effort on it. 將會多盡一點努力/心力

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  4. 這句話簡單的說是: <嗯,這是其中的一部分但應該還有其他的,在你的資料上還有哪些呢?> 你應該是給某人一些資訊,他認為你應該還有更多的資料可以提供給他, 因為沒有你的前後文,希望我不是斷章取義囉! 你參考看看囉! ^-^

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  5. ...當然也就不能,兩個都先,兩個都要。 再看(A) Well , it's best to finish on a high note . 意思 是在高點結束,結束在好的地方。也就是好消息在後面,才可以finish on a high...

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  6. ...另外給一份新的,承認新的應收帳款的 意思 。 2010-01-18 18:27:16 補充: 客戶...你們賣方是應該要開立 Credit note 。 Credit Note 如果... Date: 月日年 Best regards, XXX 貴公司...

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  7. rcvd是什麼 意思 ? received 收到 Well rcvd ur message noted vsl ETA Kao 23rd/Sep. 收到你的訊息了解船預計到達高雄港...

  8. ... to meet him for a long time. Usage notes : sometimes used as a way to express pleasure at someone's success...握手的動作) Admiral, we shake your hand for a job well done.

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  9. ... is typically a spin-on process in which well controlled amount of liquid is solidify the film. 參考網頁 notes /ViewFile.asp?Which=78

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  10. ...privately in the UK. 這一句的 意思 嗎 ? Ans: No, ... really important is "a better fitting-bra", not breast reduction...else. 2008-04-19 00:00:25 補充: Note that the "when" used...

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