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  1. 是法律用詞吧。 Well noted below message 好像比較少見 你下面陳述的我們已經知道了。

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  2. 包裝與內頁Packaging/ Notes ; Best Album Cover * 最... * 最佳古典專輯內頁 Best Album Notes - Classical http://en.wikipedia...

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  3. ... sterling 匯了2500的英磅 with our letter which is with you as well noted . 也寄了我們的信希望你能注意到

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  4. ... in your email dated Dec. 2, 2014 is well noted . Kindly note that the goods are loaded into the container...

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  5. 那個沒有MV 因為那是一個韓國前輩的歌 只是鍾鉉很喜歡 所以都會在電台唱那首歌的 (PS.韓國的電台好像都是唱現場的~個人覺得這樣很好~可以聽 到歌手的實力!) 所以也沒有收錄在他們的專輯裡 這個是他個人唱的時候的:

  6. ...request of our settlement for USD30.00 in your favor is well noted . We are more than willing to clean up our debt but would...

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  7. 1. 沿用你原來的說法再加幾個字即可 Well noted and will do it. 2. 20 more pieces of items of your choice can be added to this purchase order.

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  8. Dear Sir, Thanks for your prompt reply and well noted with the focus of your company. We will also keep you posted...

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  9. ... La Ti Do He will find himself with no show better play the note you know

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  10. Angel Note Best Collection Vol.8 "ORANGE...插入曲。 ◎收錄於遊戲主題歌專輯:  【Angel Note Best Collection Vol.8"ORANGE...

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