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  1. 我知道的不是在百貨,是一家門市,在西門町的誠品對面… 舊的誠品哦~再往前走是電影院的那條街…不知道這樣講你清楚嗎? 那家招牌是白色的寫 HONOR ,旁邊有很小的字寫「山形屋」, 應該是你要找的沒錯。

  2. 提供下面可能離你比較近的三家給你參考: 高雄市左營區誠路458號 電話:5506517 高雄市三民區大昌二路120號 電話:3977589 高雄縣鳳山市中山路152號 電話:7417206 2008-08-16 20:14:22 補充: 不好意思...左營區那家應該是裕誠路458號=.="漏字了

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  3. ... to find Paris, Unocal to promise to give him power and wealth , honor and the soldier Athena to the crown promised to her, ...

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  4. ... his light wings, and in a moment flies,Let wealth , let honour , wait the wedded dame,August her deed, and sacred be her...

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  5.! 上馬! 3. 傾向於,趨於 ( ( 狀態、境遇的變化方向 ) ) 《例句》 rise to wealth and honor 富貴起來 sing a baby to sleep 唱歌哄嬰兒入睡 stand to attention. 4. 達到 ( ( 到達...

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  6. 富貴如浮雲 : Glory, honour , wealth , and rank, such things are nothing but shadows.

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  7. ... honours are great burdens. 人怕出名豬怕肥 9.Glory, honour , wealth , and rank, such things are nothing but shadows. 富貴如浮雲...

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  8. ... Guardian 天鉞 ~ Right Guardian 化祿 ~ Wealth 化權 ~ Authority 化科 ~ Honor 化忌 ~ Jeopardy

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  9. 生死有命 富貴在天 Your life is pre-settled, and your wealth is up to God.

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  10. ...and improve myself, I hope to change the job. If I have the honor and chance to be your colleague, I do believe that I must get along...

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