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  1. way to go 作得好 ! 幹得好 ! way to go used to congratulate somebody on something that he or she has done (informal) way to go 「作得好 !」是用來向某人為他所完成的某件事道賀用的 Well ...

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  2. Way to go ! 作得好!Hey man, that was a great presentation — way to go !嘿, 老兄! 很棒的簡報! 非常好! ◆ way to go 是一種表達讚許鼓勵的話, 有「作得好!」的意思

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  3. for example:( Way to go !)一種讚賞時的語氣 child says:I finished my homework. mother says:Hey, way to go !(做得好哦!)

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  4. Way to go on this essay, helped a ton. Way to go !!好棒!!的意思. a ton=一噸重,引喻為"非常多"的意思. 這篇文章寫得真好, 非常有幫助.

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  5. 請問,"that's how it's done" 的意思和 " way to go "是否類似,或者有什麼用法上的差異 "That's how...for the correction. 2013-08-14 00:25:46 補充: Still a god-send to me.

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  6. ...方向 ( 回家 ). 跟 go home, come home, get home 的用法一樣, 絕不能寫成 on the way to home, go to home, come to home, get to home. 除非: on the way to one s home ( 例如: on the...

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  7. ...步驟二(還原去掉的主詞)→ the traveler had been told the way to take, he went on his journey. 步驟一(還原去掉的連接詞)→ the traveler had...

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  8. ...each of your shipments! The Nokia 3650 seems to go way beyond the traditional role of a telephone, or even a cellular phone; with it I can...

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  9. ... are needed. So Taiwan still has a long way to go before they get to the level of 'saving the world'. So, ...

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  10. There is still a long way to go from the policy level down to a more firm establishment of sound and operational community participation...

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