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  1. way to go 作得好 ! 幹得好 ! way to go used to congratulate somebody on something that he or she has done (informal) way to go 「作得好 !」是用來向某人為他所完成 的 某件事道賀用 的 Well done, as in ...

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  2. 請問,"that's how it's done" 的意思 和 " way to go "是否類似,或者有什麼用法上 的 差異 "That's...for the correction. 2013-08-14 00:25:46 補充: Still a god-send to me.

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  3. Way to go ! 作得好!Hey man, that was a great presentation — way to go !嘿, 老兄! 很棒 的 簡報! 非常好! ◆ way to go 是一種表達讚許鼓勵 的 話, 有「作得好!」 的意思

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  4. Way to go on this essay, helped a ton. Way to go !!好棒!! 的意思 . a ton=一噸重,引喻為"非常多" 的意思 . 這篇文章寫得真好, 非常有幫助.

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  5. ...我 我就直接說no one can help 或者no way to go ... 如果有人說 I have no way to go ...就是說 完蛋了 鐵定死了 了無希望了 沒得選擇了 這跟求救無門有很...

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  6. ... Office? 你能否告訴我去郵局 的 路? 方向[C] 路程,距離[the S] It s a long way to the railroad station. 到火車站路程很遠。 方法,方式[C][(+ to -v)] Scientists are trying to ...

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  7. 樓上001與003恐怕弄錯了, 斷句 的 地方不對. Now with the way the economy is going right now,I have to stay back and manage the business. the way the economy is going : 經濟景氣...

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  8. for example:( Way to go !)一種讚賞時 的 語氣 child says:I finished my homework. mother says:Hey, way to go !(做得好哦!)

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  9. ...可以 但第二句建議可以加上want to I don't want to argue with you. (1) what we want for supper? (2) what do we...了do 應為What do we want for supper? this way 我認為不太算片語 但是在不同時候有不同用法 例如...

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  10. Be aware that "the Dutch way ", which means that you split the bill during a date, goes a little too far. You don't have to pay every time you go out with her, but even ...

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