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  1. sorry it's no way to go by a ship. cos it's really 2 far. n the cost wil be 天文數字. usually now... HK beside those 'cheap 1' like 雙魚星號. so the only way is to fly there....... if low season, actually airtix not so expensive. it wil be like abt $5000 for...

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  2. ... studios、Sea World. some has shuttle to disneyland. I-Ride bus:bus going via International Drive single $0.75,one day $2.00 ...

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  3. destination for Air Canada flight from Hong Kong to Toronto is in fact Montreal (The route is...

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  4. oasis airline only$2000 for round trip the best way to buy is go to an agency but maybe no more tickets lo

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  5. See here:,_Tennessee There is no airport in Paris, TN, so the best way to go is driving from either Nashville or Memphis.

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  6. ... Jose, CA. The cheapest way to San Jose is through Caltrain...have completely no idea where you are trying to go . Do some research before asking more ...

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  7. ... tax is about US1750 to 1800 each person. It is the way to go because the cheapest 1 stop flight is about double the price. To ...

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  8. The budget is way to tight if you planned to do that in christmas time ( thats peak season) , airtickets and room rates will go up higher and plus the additional holiday fee. There are not much...

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  9. 平日:香港-澳門, 普通位$138, 週末及假日$150, 夜航$172 平日:澳門-香港, 普通位$142, 週末及假日$154, 夜航$ 176 噴射飛航售票處: 上環信德中心三樓 尖沙咀中國客運碼頭 中旅社港九各分社 澳門新港澳碼頭二樓離境大堂 查詢: 2859 3333

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  10. Go see a doctor. This is the only way to get insulin.

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