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  1. ...口語是絕對不合文法的.像是: How do you doing! What do you waiting for? 這些習慣,在方言裡面更多:

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  2. ... make it sound so tempting. Now, I just can't wait to get there.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2020年06月19日

  3. ...用被動態to be kept 。 Someone had kept the class waiting for a long time, so the class was impatient. 在原主詞不如受詞重要的狀況下...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2020年02月26日

  4. The train being late, she had to wait . = Because the train was late, she had to wait . =The train was late, so she had to wait . the train being late....是分詞構句(participial construction)。

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  5. ...secret halls give visitors the feeling (that a vampire might be waiting around every corner名詞子句當作feeling的限定性質的同位語).

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  6. ...a problem anytime soon. So for Apple, it is a really bad problem waiting to happen, but not Samsung.

  7. ... said:-"If nightingale doesn't sing, I'll wait for him"--------- waiting time long until sing. (D)Others...

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  8. ... came to his parents' home, who was on the waiting list. 就這樣,賈伯斯來到了候補名單上 ,他父母的家裡。 At first...

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  9. As for the bill of lading,we have to wait for the final clearance which we will submit to you.later. Please wait .Thanks.

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