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  1., I can not but lower the head to the reality, for must gain the meager wage , I gave up my dream, you can guarantee that in your life...

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  2. ...good pay? 4.NP的薪資如何? How is a NP's wage ?

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  3. ...that the market is turning...4. Due to the rising... wages , we are reluctantly compelled to raise the price by 5%. 2006-04-13 20...

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  4. ..., encouraged proposals to gold NT$ next month payment of wages , and at the same time in to your account, thanks! Thank you...

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  5. 翻譯 起來是: After incumbent President takes office, the first matter is reduces staff, moreover is moves to the factory wages relatively cheap Taiwan, Vietnamese and mainland China, the first year reform result ...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年11月17日

  6. but they would pay their wages 但是他們還是會支付員工薪資 would是will的過去式, 但would在這表示 "還是會" 或 "願意" 的意思, 是比較"肯定"的用法

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  7. ...4. Improve 5. Known 6. Lie 7. Industry 8. Wages 9. Effort 10. Support 11. Beneficial 12. Conclude...

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  8. ...總體經濟學> 6.Microeconomics - 個體經濟學> 7.Minimum Wage - 最低薪資> 8.Monopoly - 獨斷、專賣> 9.Recession - 衰退...

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  9. ...補上了最後一段) 2008-10-13 09:09:50 補充: 版大~~ 抱歉囉~ 有點亂~~"~~ 翻譯 部分~~ 用分段補充

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  10. 投資者的樂觀與員工擔心被停滯的工資所刺激的事形成對比,物價與原油的上漲和學者擔心當地房價市場的泡沫化都會被預期的流入中國的首都。 新政府對付這些問題將決定上漲的動力是否將繼續 投資者正確的預期馬政府會去積極的履行他們全部的承諾

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