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  1. I have a lot of stamp collections from the world, the most valuable one comes from my uncle when he was a volunteer in Africa. 因為你沒講叔叔是否還繼續當義工,所以用過去是即可

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  2. 這段話的翻譯是{生命中最有價值的東西不是用貨幣來衡量的} The most valuable things in life:生命中最有價值的東西 are not measured in...

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  3. A valuable Stealing (建議名稱) This is my first...wrong (thing) and I appreciated my mother’s valuable lesson. 2008-11-02 20:32:16 補充: This is my...

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  4. ... painting which hangs) in the living room is valuable .The painting (which is) hung in the living room...

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  5. Just trying I have gained much information from several valuable references located in both the college library and my own. 我從學院圖書館和自己藏書中, 找到若干很有價值的參考資料, 獲益良多。

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  6. ...middot;ble adj. *Having considerable monetary or material value for use or exchange: a valuable diamond. *Of great importance, use, or service: valuable information; valuable advice...

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  7. 難能可貴 可用 valuable 這個單字 Valuable a. (形容詞 adjective) 值錢的,貴重的, 有用的,有價值的 例句: 世間最難能可貴的便是親情 Family affection is the most valuable thing in the world.

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  8. valuable eager 有助的熱心 provide freely 免費供應 present increase 目前增加 such stimulate 這樣的刺激 structures 結構;構造;組織 role 角色 atmosphere 大氣 ; 空氣

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  9. ...147 你的兩句可合併成: By the time the police arrived, everything valuable was already taken away by the robbers. 2015-01-06 23:08:43...

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  10. ... for the sake of their children. 父母常為子女犧牲自己。 8. valuable These jewels are quite valuable . 這些珠寶相當值錢。 The...

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