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  1. ...是要「確認」,要看看所提供的訊息是否真實,或某計畫有沒有確實做到等等。 validate 來自 valid,有效。所以 validate 著重在「驗證東西的有效性」。 用收費停車場...

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  2. 打考績: Validated someone 又有考核的意思,讓某人可以藉由你的認可,進行某一種工作。 evaluate...

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  3. This is called " validated parking." Another term for it is "a parking...

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  4. ...not. You encourage me in my goals and dreams, and validate my struggles to fulfill them. 你對我說的毫不質疑 你默默...

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  5. How do I validate the e-mail address?

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  6. This stuff has not been validated anywhere yet.

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  7. 所有CPU 花名冊必須被確認 剛剛查出來的!!

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  8. 沒有錯誤啊. 生效用 validated 才對啊. 但三個字應用至句子中, 意思也都能表達到原有意思, 故皆可用

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年10月22日

  9. ...give after registering. Please read the email carefully, you will need to validate your account by clicking on a link in the email 我們會寄發一封郵件...

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  10. 1.They monitor and validate market needs that specifically relate to your product and services...

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