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  1. ...病毒疾病感染的風險;該早產兒們一但感染到該疾病,病情就會很嚴重。 the strict vaccine window:指「疫苗所嚴格規定的範圍」;譬如: 不同的疫苗,都有不同施打的年齡...

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  2. Vaccine viruses whose shell resembles that of dangerous viruses are tracked down and engulfed by macrophages. 外殼與危險病毒的外殼相類似的疫苗病毒,被巨噬細胞偵緝並吞噬。

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  3. The vaccine , although possibly most effective on girls who haven’t begun ...在於簡化句子,這個句子用depending on這個分詞構句來連結 The vaccine might also be of benefit to women aged 25 and older.和...

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  4. Influenza vaccinevaccine aqainst influenza是正式的說法。influenza通俗的說法就是flu,所以報章上...

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  5. vaccination 與 vaccine 都是疫苗的意思,都是名詞 get a vaccine 或 get a vaccination 都是正確的 例...

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  6. B型肝炎免疫球蛋白)A hepatitis immunity globulin 卡介苗)Bcg vaccine B型肝炎遺傳工程疫苗)A hepatitis genetic engineering vaccine ...

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  7. ...child可以 因為你是專業人員 Does (小孩名 or your child/baby) need a vaccine today? singsai的 Is he (或she/your son/your daughter) (或...

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  8. Wrong WHO prediction leads to flu vaccine mismatch in Hong Kong WHO錯誤的預測導致香港地區流感疫苗的不相符

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  9. Rabies vaccine to bring guests to the hospital, and assist the pick-up for the four stages of vaccine injection

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  10. Medical researchers have not been able to develope an effective vaccine against influenza.

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