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  1. not ( negative) unlike ( negative) That's what we call " double negative " in...and know is right. 2009-01-18 00:42:30 補充: a port city not unlike Kaohsiung."我知道它的意思,但是為什麼這裡要用not unlike ...

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  2. 貼一段英文解釋: Unlike eggborne salmonellosis of past decades, the current epidemic is...

    分類:疾病與處置 > 傳染病 2005年08月20日

  3. ...afternoon in the village of Midwich, England. It seems not unlike any afternoon in the village........這是在英國Midwich一個小村莊的晴朗下午...

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  4. unlike 不像.... dislike 不喜歡.. 就這樣嚕@@"~

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  5. 這段英文寫的頗為繞口,以下翻譯給您參考: Unlike most of the earlier studies which used continuous psychological capital...

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  6. 我想這句話後半段的意思 "(星星=明星)在你腳下" 可能是指在好萊塢的人行道上有許多明星的星星吧

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年12月30日

  7. Unlike undergraduate programs, all postgraduate programs are difficult to transfer (due to program design). If he is dismissed, he will have 30 days to exit the United States.

  8. Unlike people with major depressive disorder, those with dysthymia have a minimum of three depressive symptoms. 不像患有重憂鬱症的人一樣, 那些患有胸腺机能障碍症的患者最少會有3種憂鬱症的症狀.

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  9. Unlike traditional government programs intended for the most disadvantaged...

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  10. Unlike the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, people have...

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