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  1. Apple devices depends on Apple ID to lock. Once the device has been factory reset, there is no way to lock it unless a new Apple ID is associated with the device.

  2. can start taking the exams. Otherwise, start all over ( unless the institution is willing to take your earned ...

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  3. No, unless the game is region-free.

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  4. 1. 除非在圖上註明,構圖中沒有標示尺寸的部分,在3D模型量度準確度要在±0.1 毫米之內。 2. 圖中沒有明確標示尺寸的部分在模型的量度基本寬容度:+/- 0.2毫米。 看來是指示由平面圖則製作立體模型的要求。 兩個註明都表示"圖"沒有標示大小尺寸的製作可容許誤差/相差...

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  5. You should not replace the refrigerator unless : 1. It has used up more electricity from the past; or, 2. ...

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  6. There is no method, unless you have the license and the actual software for Word 2016. If your Office is Office 365, Word 2019 is a forced update that you can't reverse.

  7. No such restriction exists. In short - unless the item falls under its published exceptions, you can return it at any time you want.

  8. 因為if 後加的是過去式。題目是動詞原型,所以是should.

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  9. ...with my better half; 9. In my opinion, I daren't unless compelled to do so. Yip

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  10. ....S. with a visa and a specific purpose, the CBP will not deny entry unless the person is suspicious. As soon as you have a visa, and everything ...