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  1. 1.Gastric ulcers .a tnrum.a ngle.s/p CLO test 應該是Gastric ulcers . antrum. angle s/p CLO test 胃潰瘍.胃竇.胃角經過幽門桿菌檢測 2.Duodenitis.bulb 十二指腸炎.球狀部

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  2. ... and upper GI series with barium revealed the presence of a large ulcer . Peptic(gastric) ulcer shows a photograph of a peptic ulcer located...

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  3. Bleeding is the most common complication of ulcers . It may result in anemia,vomiting blood, or the passage of bright red blood...

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  4. ...書名是:  Why don't zebras get ulcers --or heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases... Zebras Don't Get Ulcers ? 作者:Robert M. Sapolsky...

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  5. CVA是腦中風 cerebrovascular accident,簡稱CVA wheel chair 輪椅 dependence 依賴 整句我不知道,我不是本科系的我沒把握 Hypertension 高血壓 peptic ulcer 消化性潰瘍 希望有解決到您的疑問^^

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  6. Non blanchable erythema A Grade I pressure ulcer is an observable pressure related alteration of intact skin whose...

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  7. ...上行至肝門區域 2.suppurative cholangitis 化膿性膽道炎 3.duodenal shallow ulcers , bulb and 2nd portion 十二指腸表淺潰瘍位於球部與第二段區

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  8. ...導致局部壞死的情況。至於急慢性的區別:Acute ulcers are sometimes defined as those that follow... propria層。引文證明如下:Peptic ulcers may be acute or chronic. Histopathologically...

  9. 1.trimester(n.) a period of three months. >>>三個月,一學期(名詞) 三個月的期間. 2. ulcer (n.) open lesion on the skin or mucous membrane of th body. >>>潰瘍(名詞) 身體的皮膚或黏膜上的開放性病灶 參考看看

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  10. much dirty food in the lumen,one big Al ulcer with dirty base at angle 在腔中有很多髒污的食物, 在(胃)角處有一個底座髒污...

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