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  1. Mandy is the most beautiful teacher in our tuition center. In our tuition center, Mandy is the most beautiful...

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  2. tuition increase (不要用過去式 -ed) 用GOOGLE去查 " tuition increase" 就會找到一大堆相關文章

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  3. 學生手冊記載著:學費金額不需經過事先書面通知就可被改變。

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  4. To pay for my tuition , I've gone to interview for a job at a cosmetics factory...

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  5. ...4. The dividend points may use to exchange for the gift. 5. My tuition for each semester is fifty thousands dollars. (or "I...

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  6. ... gift of XXX is yours if you pay the two-month tuition for April and May at one time. 2.如裹不想要XXX(贈品...

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  7. ((不是 翻譯 網站翻的)) 波隆納大學是西方世界的最古老大學, 設立於1088年. 大學的法學院...

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  8. 1. 這一學期的學費什麼時候要繳? When does this semester s tuition due? 2. 這個人很不文雅,竟在大庭廣眾面前放屁 This person is so rude; dare to fart in front of a crowd.

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  9. ...一個session的學費,但是我是要報了兩個session,是不是帳單有誤? 最簡潔而完整的 翻譯 如下: My bill indicates the tuition for only one session while I have been enrolled for two. I...

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  10. In Taiwan, many families may unable to afford several children's tuition at the same time. Children who want to advance to a higher school, have to do work-study programs to earn the tuition .

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