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  1. 這只交給兩種補充的選擇︰ 為能支付的那些的私立大學進入市場和在公共大學的學費的引進。 關於在印度的私立大學的虛擬的禁令是大多數puzzling.Many 學生將願意為相當好的教育花費錢的相當多的總數 、象透過他們目前在美國承擔的支出顯示的那樣  大學。  給高等...

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  2. ...superior grades at hight school enabled him to mnroll at the tuition -free college of the city of New York.(you mean"high school"和...

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  3. 1. my hand is numb 2. this time will clashes with my tuition time

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  4. 公司提供11天的有薪假,一萬元的學費補助,公休薪水照算。 公司提供2084堂有師資上課的課程及1668堂線上教學。

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  5. ... some reasons, I'm doing a part-time job for the tuition , I'll back to school when I could afford that. "最喜歡的演員...

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  6. ... expense will vary according to different programs. For consultation, please call... 10. Tuition 是「學校」的學費;訓練費是training expense,fee也可。 附註:是以「徵人」文案語氣 翻譯 。

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  7. ... able to get my number how pleased, though expensive tuition ,my mother still wish I could therefore enter good high schools ...

  8. ...have to submit one report every week and because of my research institute examination and tuition , I can't leave all these work and go for holiday. 我想你回到你...

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  9. Since my parents have to pay my grandfather's medical and rest-home staying expenses monthly, plus, I don't hope that my tuition will be their extra burden. ...XD

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  10. 基本上這封信是學校教授寫給校長的 大意是說遠距電腦教學的實驗成果是相當成功的 不但會幫助學校的知名度與教學評量 還可以透過遠距電腦教學吸收更多學生增加學校的收入 透過去年實驗證實 即使傳統課程 也可以輕易的透過遠距電腦教學的方式來教授 學校的教授也可以減輕上課...

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