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  1. 供版主參考: 專題製作 (A) Monograph (on) Monograph: a learned treatise on a small area of learning also : a written account of a single thing專題論文; 專論,專文

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  2. book 同義: n.作品,出版物 opus opuscule work tome tract treatise publication volume writing title hardcover softcover paperback novel best-seller booklet pamphlet manual text n.筆記本 notebook loose-leaf pad scratch pad log ledger blotter account book day book diary journal

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  3. .... After having the pleasure of reading your Treatise (比theory paper正式) from 2008 regarding the Homogenous ...

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  4. ...聽得到或是理解我的話。 discours有很多解釋 比如 speech演說 treatise 論文 以這整句來看,應該是演說,因為論文只要埋頭做就好了,不需在乎是...

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  5. ... most, can burn and record in a small IC chip the procedure of one big treatise , and is it control one computer to come by chip by IC, base to one machinery...

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  6. ... mentioned in the Siegecraft (Poliork紩ka) treatise of Aeneas Tacticus, from around 350 BC. It is...

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  7. ... RUI4 MING2 spreads to fall of distribute again in various treatises , an integrated research pays completely it completes.

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  8. ...the 13th century, Henry de Bracton, one of the first legal treatise writers, observed that "[j]ust as a man may commit felony by...

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  9. ...老外多用《漢語拼音》是受中共的影響! treatise -001.asp

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  10. ... martial arts and reading especially the Chinese military treatise . He wrote "The Art of War," the ...

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