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  1. ... (verb) = 喝, 飲 Drink (noun) = 飲料, 酒 Travel (verb) = 旅行, 移動, 被傳播 Travel (noun... city to visit 比較好 When you travel , you go to several places, especially in a foreign...

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  2. ...she will not have (not/have) lessons this month because her teacher will travel ( travel ) in Europe. 她喜愛繪畫。她逢星期六都會上繪畫班,但她這個月...

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  3. be --- was, were travel --- travelled cross --- crossed buy --- bought put --- put do --- did do not have --- didn't have (因為唔會not have 前面一定係跟do, 所以改過去式都係do改而唔係have改) have --- had

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  4. travel rhythm of sound may be:- air- travel rail- travel space- travel foreign travel temple terrible horrible table, testicle trouble timble thoughful three-fold threshold throat, tickle tipple title tittle-tattle, toll topple total grand-total paper towel careful, level, awful horrible, apple, bold.

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  5. One-Stop Travel Stores All along, happy and healthy to focus on tourism and travel one-stop..., Guangdong and Macau tickets, visas and travel insurance, travel agents, consignment Airport Express ...

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  6. Have you ever traveled by train, by bus or on a boat? traveled = travelled .

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  7. ...(cars, trains), walkers, cyclists... -distance travelled is being represented on the vertical axis and the time ...

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  8. 1.drove 2. traveled / travelled 3.dived 4.cut 5.fed 6.jumped 7.kept 8.killed 9.rode

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  9. p. travel A: travelled pp.want A:will want p.go A:went p.fall A:fell A:built p.hunt A:hurt p.bite A:bit

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  10. How do you like to travel ? 你鍾意嚸樣去旅遊? (例如: 搭船,搭火車,搭飛機,搭巴士等) 冇錯 喺一定 I like to travel by air. 如果要答感受就要講 How do you like traveling ? I like travelling as I feel very relaxed. 兩句是...

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