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  1. 你的問題: Had you traveled ((((((abroad))))))) before you were twenty years old...我是外國人,希望幫到你 2005-12-06 16:39:14 補充: traveled = travelled 一個美式,一個英式

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  2. traded traded 4.trap trapped trapped 5. travel traveled traveled 6.treasure treasured treasured...

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  3. 其實把 travel 當名詞是可以的 但是普通的用法是要 travel + 副詞 ( travel around the globe, travel in Asia, etc) 所以呢 最好的用法是... Did you have a good trip? 這樣子比較省麻煩 =)

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  4. apply within 12 months of intended travel to Australia intended travel 預期旅遊 intended 是過去...02-23 10:12:42 補充: Apply within 12 months of intended travel to Australia. 這是一個祈使句, 省略了主詞 you.

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  5. Light __D___ faster than sound. A. is traveling B. travel C. traveling D. travels 光速比音速...

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  6. bus number: 66 and 198 travel / travel / travel _id_22747/ travel _site_111538/

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  7. ...visit museums ____to new places. (A) travel (B) to travel (C) traveling (D... people love to visit museums when many people travel to new places. =Many people love to visit...

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  8. ...quot; a favorite place to visit on vacation. People the world over "are traveling " to the city that "has" an exciting history as well as...

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  9. ...t allowed__ alone because she was too young to do that. (A) travel (B) traveling (C)to travel (D) to be traveling ...

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  10. ...旅行,而且我們同事人都很好。 like是動詞,一個句子只能有一個動詞,所以把 travel 改成 traveling ,也就是動名詞的形式,這樣 traveling 的詞性就變成...

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