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  1. t/s= travel service 即表一般旅行社 t/c= travel center 即所謂的票務中心 t/g= travel guide 即旅行社之導遊

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  2. 雅虎的 travel 那也可以

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  3. ...even it is not required, it is still best to prepare travel insurance in case of something happens.

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  4. ...例如故宮之類的~~ 當然每個國家優惠的不一樣, 你可以到這裡看一下 http://www. travel

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  5. ...補充: 搭飛機的話,最便宜的要 $180以上(one way) 差不多要5-6個小時左右 http:// travel

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  6. ...希望對您有幫助:ORIENT EXPRESS TRAVEL 東方運通旅遊728 Pacific Ave., #...95131(408)436-8822LASSEN TOUR & TRAVEL INC.麗山旅遊391 Sutter St...

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  7. .../IT/IT_Mod2.asp 7.大台中觀光旅遊網 http:// travel travel /add_ travel .asp?Litem=C233 一分錢...

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  8. used for transit only) - but it will be easier than getting a travel visa. Also, you can consider going through Canada instead. 2011...

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  9. ...去拉斯維加斯可搭乘華人ㄉ直達BUS 或團 travel / travel .php 或可搭 http...

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  10. ...幫您出發前先安排好飯店與租車. 之前都是請她安排的, 還不錯. Hito Travel Services Ltd.

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