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  1. 解作代理人, 代理商或中介人 可以和其他名詞合併使用, 例如: Property Agent = 物業代理 Travel Agent = 旅行社 Insurance Agent = 保險代理 Job Agency / Personnel Agent = 人事顧問

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  2. ...a detailed plan holiday-tour with many details arranged by travel agents for a dream place holiday for a week in a package.

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  3. it should be invoice agent . That means you pay to agent ( travel agents ) if I am not misunderstand your question

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  4. ...record, KE may wish to attract more pax by low fare. (3) It's about the travel agent 's strategy - is that "group tix"? any conditions to...

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  5. Hotel request deposit is policy of the hotel. It is not the problem of the travel agent .

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  6. ...已經很多人唔 想去,我以後都不會去這 個地方,現在還是非常時期,就是去一點 意思 沒有了。 無可能唔改變得噢,現在菲律賓已經是黑色外遊警告, 你可以再去...

  7. ... this helps :) 2007-02-24 22:35:25 補充: Oh as for the passport renewal thing, so long as it doesnt expire in less than 6mths you will be ok. I'd recommend you to check with your travel agent or airline just in case.

  8. 1) 唔洗... 上網book完就OK... 佢通常都會send張飛比你... 你攞住張飛就OK... 2) 通常都係無得改期同無得取消... 一定book左個班要坐個一班車... 3) 唔係太多... 通常你要上番個車站大堂,睇番你下一班車幾時到同邊個月台... 4) 英國火車Delay真係好常見... 無Delay...

  9. ... , in transit bus , tourist insurance act as agent , visa act on one's behalf, travel gift token , foreign currency is it change and act on one's behalf overseas...