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  3. 我想你的朋友那麼想要那隻sound track , 那麼便不會在乎價錢吧? 去HMV啦!一定會有ga, 不過, 價錢方面就一定會貴ga啦!因為已經出左好耐同可能間唱片公司唔再出, 所以會變成絕版呵!絕版的價錢, 我想你都應該知道會有番咁上下ga啦! 希望幫到你啦!

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  4. 2000 - 2010 UE listening sound track :


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  6. CHAOS ON THE TRACKS - 鐵路大混亂 nightmare - 惡夢 commuters - 乘客 (commuters 是指常常乘車來往的乘客,但如果這樣翻譯在文章中就顯得囉唆了)

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  7. Track 1: I just don't want to be so discouraging. There... for improvement, it's okay for him. Precisely. Track 4: massly crowded Track 5: I studied in Hope...

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  8. TITANIC - Music from the motion picture SONY CLASSICAL / SONY MUSIC SOUNDTRAX

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  9. 人地國家隊專用,買唔倒,除非佢將件 track suit送比你 la.

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  10. You can buy it from yesasia website. There is stock and delivery (free of charge) can be done within 2 days. The price is ok when comparing to the origianl price in Korea. (Although the price of dvd are high especially the vcds...

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