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  1. 愛是寬容,愛是體諒,愛是一輩子的承諾。 中文允許三個零碎短句用逗號來連接, 但英文不行; 英文的數個零碎短句可藉共用主詞, 以逗號和連接詞併為一句. Love is broadminded tolerance, thoughtful forgiveness, and a lifetime commitment.

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  2. ...tell you how much money A: you can decide not to buy ice cream B: it's thoughtful of you!

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  3. ...是如此的隨和.善良及體貼. You are such an easy-goinng, kindness and thoughtful person. 你總是談論著生活中美好的事物,讓我也感染著快樂的氣息. You...

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  4. 中文內容: Dear xx 故事的起點,從"讚"開始...It all started with a "讚 posted in FB, 妳是我這輩子第一個完全未見過面卻喜歡上妳的女孩You are the first girl I fell for in virtual world(while on line) (有時候還...

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  5. ... 吸引人的punctual 守時的honest誠實的responsible負責的lovely可愛的active積極的 thoughtful 細心的enthusiastic熱心的careful仔細的humorous幽默的serious嚴肅的considerate體貼的

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  6. ...particular. (無關什麼特定的人) It just makes me a little sad and thoughtful . (只是有所感觸 ) 感觸 通常是有點惆悵(用 sad 籠統涵蓋),有些...

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  7. ...sweet offer of buying tickets for me. That was so thoughtful . If I were going to Vietnam to visit you, ...

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  8. ... experiences, I have been trained to be thoughtful , patient and good at communication skills.

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  9. ... und leidvoll, gedankenvoll sein;英文 Joyful And sorrowful, Thoughtful ;中文 喜悅 與 悲傷 , 沉思 ; 德文 langen und bangen in schwebender Pein;英文...

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  10. matter at schools,work places, because I am pretty thoughtful and always take responsibility formyself. WhenI was a student, even though...