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  1. Using a bluetooth headset that supports this function. (Note - it is not a phone issue, but the headset issue.)

  2. ...用 你會發現這種用法中,關聯的那個名詞通常是專有名詞,或是有定冠詞(the, this等等) 以例句來說,說這句話的人和聽這句話的人都已經知道John是哪...

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  3. 1. Yes - January 14, 2020 is the last day. 2-3. Neither. To make this simple - it just means that there will be no more Windows and related updates.

  4. ...疑問式) The gift was from your mom. (better) Was this gift from your mom? (better) 2. 以間接受詞為主的被動: You...

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  5. ..., the government decided to carry out this project. 跟前句沒有consequent的關係,沒法理解你的想法/寫法...quot;劇院"? Due to the lack of finances, t ...

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  6. If the 5 items are acceptable, we are glad to give you the quotation which is only for this time. 

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  7. 3.A, 4A, 5D. 15 words demanded. 15 words demanded.

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  8. 1,mechanically inclined是偏向機械方面 ,亦即專精机械方面,其中 inclined是向-----傾斜。 2,例如國內政治有個人偏好傾向藍或綠,我們亦可用politically inclined

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  9. ...girl. 當孩子出生後,他們卻又在最後一刻決定他們真正想領養的是一個女孩。 This is how Jobs came to his parents' home, who...

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  10. ... account sent to you on July 2nd. ---Settlement of this account to our customers due date must be one week after the goods...

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