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  1. ... High Carbon Steel Strip SK4 thickness (Available for all thickness ) hardness (HV) 小於或小於190 SUS303...

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  2. TTV (Total Thickness Variation):按照ASTM F657 的定義,TTV是晶圓最...

    分類:科學 > 其他:科學 2008年10月12日

  3. ...2",最後那個 2"是螺絲長度 如果是在"plate" 的表中 " thickness " 是指板的厚度.

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  4. ... carry on the back to press 70 cms-H2 Os, chamber body the thickness is the biggest and can reach to 70.6 mms.When use a...

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  5. ...如果是鋁材則厚度為 0.0403英吋或 1.0236毫米 請參考 Sheet Metal Thickness Gauges CR SHEET METAL INC

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  6. ...此外Pr有可用於邊界層現象的解釋, Pr=(δ/δt)^3=momentum boundary layer thickness /thermal boundary layer thickness 若Pr>1, 此物質為液體; 若Pr<...

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  7. remaining or remaining thickness

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  8. mm=millimeters=毫米。cm=centimeters=公分。t= thickness =厚度。10mmt(毫米厚)=1cmt(公分厚)。

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  9. Melting globally and warmly causes sea water temperature to rise, the thickness of carbon dioxide increases in water, threaten the existence of the coral reef seriously...

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  10. ... as the quantity of heat, Q, transmitted in time t through a thickness L, in a direction normal to a surface of area A, due to a temperature difference...

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