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  1. ...composition provides an excellent condition for lives to propagate. The thickness of the atmosphere protects Earth from strikes from small ...

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  2. 01.goodness 02.sadness 03.happiness 04.healthiness 05.kindness 06.loudness 07.noisiness 08.smallness 09.bigness 10.roundness 11.hugeness 12.naughtiness 13.steepness 14.thinness 15.tallness 16.fatness 17.highness 18. thickness 19.softness 20.wetness

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  3. 我們喜歡400g紙的厚度,但是你們可以把它列印在毛面紙,而非光面紙上嗎?

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  4. ...board or sheet of parchment paper; roll around lightly to coat with flour. Roll to a thickness of 3/8 inch. Cut with floured doughnut cutter. Slide ...

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  5. ...crispy. 2009-05-12 06:57:41 補充: in (6) consistency should be used instead of thickness . sorry about that.

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  6. ...many in two “BOND TU” the waterproof cellophane (waterproof cellophane thickness , job practice and joining

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  7. ...blow the angry sound that emits with the bottle mouth. Connected size or thickness different tubes together later, becoming can send out several level...

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  8. ... next step?- To consider purchase of A’s machinery for fabric thickness evaluation- Given the opportunity, visit the exhibitor’s factory/outfit and analyze the...

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  9. ... measure - slabstone air cooled roadbed is establishes certain thickness and the voidage piece riddlings above the roadbed breaker strip, because the piece...

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  10. of something that has been weakened or reduced in thickness or density - weakening in force or intensity attest - authenticate, affirm to be...

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