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  1. ...文章的大意,記得包括好處以及壞處,之前所討論到的所有重點都必須重申 -重申 thesis statement (不要跟第一段的文字一樣, 意思 一樣,但是用另外的方式去approach)

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  2. B:這是我準備已久的畢業論文,非常重要。 They are thesis I've been working on for so long. They are...

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  3. ...使騎乘者得到更佳的舒適性與安全性。 題目中也沒有這句, 還有這句話的中文 意思 也不通, 供你參考!

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  4. ... in manufacturing engineering courses 3 thesis research topic for xxx 4 contact (learning) in mechanical engineering...

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  5. ...內線交易Fair Disclosure v. Insider Trading http:// thesis

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  6. ... to compare images in order to detect errors. In the thesis , we will focus on a new way of comparing images. By ...

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  7. ...piezoelectric motors, etc.修改英文 你的譯文大致 意思 正確,也可畧為修改: The differences between XX and (with...

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  8. ... sentence大於內容. Topic涵蓋整篇文章, Thesis statement涵蓋所有的Topic sentence和內容, ...網站提供了一篇文章做為範例! 非常詳細的幫你指出 Thesis Statement(Sentence), Topic...

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  9. ... body about. does the same thing for body that the thesis does for the whole essay. 4.What is...conclusion, and body. 6.Essay format? 有點不懂你的 意思 是不是就是intro, body, and conclusion How to (...

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  10. ... plan to actively study the technical knowledge, review related thesis , and participate in research in order to fully understand the subject with dedication...studentso it may help future students. 雖沒有全文對照 但是大致上 意思 到了