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  1. little+不可數名詞:表示否定 There is little hope.=沒有什希望了。 在形容詞little前面再加上副詞very並不改變句意,還是...

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  2. Do not know whether there is , having been tested the same academic experience on result  which teach.4 aspects, try do it yourself"-eg:- (1)speaking:- Is English spoken here in TW=/=HK ? Are you good...

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  3. ..." at the door. (那時他「正」站在門口;standing是受詞補語) There are hundreds of national flags "flapping" in the wind...

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  4. { There [will(助動詞) be (原形 be 動詞)](未來式)} some patients that need to self-isolation. 華語譯:{會有}一些患者需要自我隔離。←← { there [ are ]( be 動詞的第二人稱單數和第一二三人稱複數的現在式)} …… =變化=> { there [will be ](未來式)} ……。

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  5. There is no method. Garmin DriveSmart 55 is not designed to use outside a vehicle.

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  6. ... there + to be the relative pronoun "who" may be omitted:-eg:- There is oz (who)  is terrible. In relative  pronoun in defining clause:-eg...

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  7. ... things were relegated to the bedrooms because there was plenty of wear left in them. see p.1957 New Oxford ...

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  8. There is no problem. The cause of the increased gasoline consumption is due to more short trips than before. Short trips uses more gasoline than long trips.

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  9. Mobile phone. There are many advantages a mobile phone is over a tablet. At the minimum, a tablet can't make phone calls (and a tablet's hardware configuration is usually poor than a mobile phone).

  10. There is no method. SMS is stored in the phone.