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  1. ... an internet search,I found your hotel and I am writing to ask for some information regarding staying there 這句話根本是廢語.對收信人來說是浪費時間. .I would like to know if...

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  2. The answer is no. Wires are rated based on how strong the current can go through. So if you do this, there is a high possibility of fire (overheat and overload).

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  3. It is a compatibility issue. There is nothing can be or need to be fixed.

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  4. have been a most  advisable answer from Dodger to Sikes. eg:- There seems to have been making a most  advisable answer under the "polar-bear "circumstances...

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  5. { There [will(助動詞) be (原形 be 動詞)](未來式)} some patients that need to self-isolation. 華語譯:{會有}一些患者需要自我隔離。←← { there [ are ]( be 動詞的第二人稱單數和第一二三人稱複數的現在式)} …… =變化=> { there [will be ](未來式)} ……。

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  6. I would say - Alan Turing and Claude Shannon.  Without Turing, there is no computers.  Without Shannon, there is no digital communication and encryption.

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  7. There are 2 possibilities: 1. Without the power source; and/or, 2. Electromagnetic pulse

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  8. ... are both smart. 彼と彼女は共に賢い。 《日英辭典》例2. {He and she} are talking about how they someday want to visit there one more time. 彼と彼女はいつの日かもう一度そこを訪れたいと話してい...

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  9. ...of course keep copies of all your correspondence.  例3. Of course there will be some difficult times ahead. 釋義2. spoken (also course informal) used...

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  10. (1)acuse--of course, makes something happen afore---before chimbley---chimney (2)vereas---whereas---considering that ; while on the other hand; sinds---sends (3)wery---very obstinit---obstinate---not easily overcome; nothink--nothing vith--with (4)acuse--of course chimney--chimney hextricate---extricate from=free...

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