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  1. loving adj,=feeling or showing love; eg a loving cake= they are loving it up at the M-hotel=the M's slogan= they ...

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  2. They are about the same. 1. There is no Asus XC330...

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  3. that--adv.=so; to the verb "grew""From the story Wizard of Oz" so their branches met over the road of yellow brick

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  4. Main clause- Hong Kong police tell their side (of the argument) Subordinate clause- as more protests (are being) planned ** words in () are suppressed to simply as news title

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  5. They look like stand or cover for the desktop. Check the case and see if you can place them with the desktop.

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  6. ...穿上.」 而是「你擁有它們的便有權穿上(它們)」 你改寫的Your shall have them worn.文句本身沒有錯,但意思上並不是原意,或者說你把你以為的意思...

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  7. ...issue. 3. Then plan ahead. For example, check all fluids to ensure they are in excellent condition.

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  8. ... in general. She agrees under the pressure from her mother. They couldn't agree for a few weeks.

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