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  1. ...試試好了~ 這種信件在公事往來上還挺常見的- 我就直接修改了 Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for your reply (或是 email). To be more precise, we would like to reach a mutual goal based on...

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  2. ...幫她複習。 至於沒有進步是指哪方面沒有進步 就可能要請家長問老師嚕! Thank you for your concern ! Could you give me some suggestion about practice...

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  3. ...39;m concerned about her 當然我關心她 and wish the best for her. 並給她最好的祝福 And thank you for being her friend謝謝你當他的朋友

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  4. ...three years? 謝謝大家這3年對我得照顧與疼愛,未來路上,我永遠記得。 Thank you all for your care, concern and adoration in those three years. I will keep...

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  5. Dear Mr./Ms. xxx, Thank you for your interest in our property. Unfortunately our property is fully booked...

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  6. Thank you for contacting us regarding your order. 感謝你跟我們聯絡有關你最近的訂單 Unfortunately, we are not allowed to break up any orders to our customers...

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  7. 這類詐騙郵件很多 沒頭沒腦ㄉ 英文還很爛 不用理會 2008-10-16 03:01:32 補充: 英文文法 語意都不通 比那種騙人一起去詐騙遺產還爛

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  8. 其實之前知識+有出現過類似的問題耶 以下是網址 他翻的很正確明瞭 不過你接下來的那一段 應該是由系統幫你描述給廠商的問題 然後廠商再用此email回覆給碰到問題的人 所以基本上應該就是照著之前知識+給的答案就ok囉

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  9. ...participate in volunteer services but the more the support the better~ thank you for your concerning . 圖片參考:

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  10. ... hope that you will sympathize with me about that. 2.謝謝您的關心,早點睡~ Thank you for your concern , please go to bed early. 3.我已經離職了,希望以後還能跟您...

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