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  1. terrific 1 informal very good, especially in a way that makes you feel happy and excited [= great]: That's a terrific idea! The actress who played the lawyer was terrific . 2 very large...

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  2. feel terrible.I think I need to consult a doctor... ' terrific '(adj.)=1.excellent/wonderful 2.very large eg.1.She had...

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  3. ...appear at a predictable times , you will see it in that day . 3. Terrific Meaning : Very good , so great and enjoyable Sentence : ...

  4. You had done a terrific job of delegating the duties to your subordinates.

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  5. 請問在甚麼發問情況下,會用以下句子作回應? "Sounds terrific !" 係在你覺得對方的行為或事情. 令你有種"無得彈"和"無...

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  6. 1 . terrific 係了不起,好勁意思 terrify 先係恐怖 你誤會了

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  7. ... quite predictable. (17 words) 4.The disaster is really terrific . A lot of people were dead and seriouly injuired. Many children...

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  8. A terrific advertisement in the sense that, those colourful bouncing balls were perfectly matched with the propaganda and the background.

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  9. Terrific Wonderful Outstanding Distinct

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  10. I suggest "BC Sunday" which is a terrific magazine with many updated movies information , professional film critics...

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  1. terrific 相關