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  1. Yes. All YouTube contents are subject to YouTube's terms and conditions. Google can in fact remove inappropriate contents and terminate accounts if necessary.

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  2. ...會失去消費者的信任,也會受到懲罰。 These tactics might produce in a short term but eventually will lose consumer trusts and fall in the dangers of legal...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2020年11月13日

  3. LTE指的是長期演進技術(Long Term Evolution),乃4G技術標準之一,為目前最多國家所採用之4G技術,相較於上一代3G技術,可提供用戶更快更穩定的上網品質。

  4. ... to pay at end of July, which is now overdue also. --- Terms and Conditions are clearly explained in your ...

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  5. than being expressed , explained in simple or less technical terms and depends on your interpretation.Errors and corrections...

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  6. Dear Sir/ Manufacturer, We'd like to ask if the original monthly payment term could be adjusted to be paid in 60 days? Thanks a lot for your consideration.

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  7. ...something "discharge" somebody (from something) (~hospital/prison/court/*job related terms *) - to give somebody official permission to leave a place or job; [from ...

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  8. #心得 疑似詐騙的日本KINOKI「助長貼」 Post images ⬆️這是最近在臉書廣告的助長貼引起不少人關注 小弟我個人實際測試了一下 收到了訂購的驗證碼發現是海淘網 上網Google一下是個有賣假貨紀錄代購網 Post images 然後他們客服...

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  9. "和某人有心結" = be not on speaking term with someone Example: He is not on speaking term with his parents.

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