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  1. Ariel 1. 是小美人魚的名字 2. 是莎士比亞名著 "暴風雨"( Tempest )裡面,空氣精靈的名字。 3. 是林依晨的英文名字 4. 也是我用了10年了的英文名字。

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  2. rained I heard rumors of a flood A timeless tempest A spit shined apocalypse. Shame is his name ...

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  3. 你好哦:") 歌手:Chris Tempest 歌名:Kiss Who I Want to

  4. 凡是過去,皆為序章。 What’s past is prologue. 出自莎士比亞的戲劇(play) 暴風雨 (The Tempest ) wikipedia有更詳細的解說 如果還有問題歡迎再補充發問

  5. ...穿越時空守護你),HBO有播過. 圖片參考: tempest /4669/Image/angelformay4.jpg.jpg 2002年出品(以下摘自網路) 英國小男孩...

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  6. ...for Measure)又譯:請君入瓮、量罪記、將心比心 暴風雨(The Tempest ) 馴悍記(Taming of the Shrew) 第十二夜(Twelfth Night...

  7. ...zarati (Perpetually bound) Hatt al-hudad (Through the tempest ) Al-maahn al-baiid (be it deluge or sand) Ay-yah idare (A singular...

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  8. ... "YEAH-OH" Fight Together Tempest Unusual (ft.山下智久)

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  9. ... Sonata No.17 in d minor, Op.31 No.2 " Tempest "

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  10. While young, there’s nothing too late to get it done. Don’t make a tempest in a teapot. All the trivial things you now face is petty.

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