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  2. The information you gave is not sufficient to make a call. Have you deleted any contacts from your mom's phone? Did you press the reset key? Did your mon put her sim card back to the phone and discovered that all...

  3. What's the phone no. of OceanPark????? Tel: 2552 0291 you can search it in yahoo or go to this website: I hope it can help you!

  4. Beppu Menkan (V) Ltd Fu Tung Estate Comm Ctr Fu Tung Estate Tel: 2109 4388

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  5. pls contact me (by) telephone no. 1231-1231   有冇錯? Bingo! 完全無錯. 如要雞蛋裡挑骨頭, 就是 number 的簡寫應是 No. (N 必需是capital letter.)

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  6. Telephones have been a vital part of our daily lives nowadays. It gives us a more...can talk to each other even though they might be miles away from each other. Without the appear of telephones , people will have to talk to each other only when they are met together in a short distance. Without...

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  7. ... Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Telephone 2881-6102 Opening hour 12:00 - 22:00 Branch I.T...

  8. 114 is the number to check concerning information. If you dial from Hong Kong, remember to add (755) as area code. p.s.Yellow page is another channel to find what you want.

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  9. Title: 'The mobile telephone is the most annoying unnecessary and time-wasting device ever... a bad experience to you and me. In my opinion, the mobile telephone is the most annoying device ever invented, If you...

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