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  1. ...s report that provides for to anticipate an excavation technique to aim at Ministry of Economic ...the motive of this research lies in to make use of the technique of data excavation under the limited 2009-07-21 18:03...

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  2. One Step SparringTechnique #1 Technique #2 Technique #3 Technique #4 Technique #5 Technique ...

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  3. Prenatal diagnosis employs a variety of techniques to determine the health and condition of an unborn fetus. Without knowledge ...

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  4. ... Method , Moeller Skill, Moeller Technique 默勒音樂擊鼓教學

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  5. Delphi Technique 德爾菲法 依據系統的程式,採用專家匿名發表意見的方式,通過多輪次調查專家...

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  6. 昨天同學推薦了一家. TECHNIQUE 冷氣空調規劃公司,他說他們公司專作維修的,他們...一些了,他們的服務品質和工作效率真的非常棒這家 TECHNIQUE 冷氣空調規劃公司的網址:http://www. technique

  7. The slotting technique increases the bandwidth to create over than 50 ohm of impedance sending through UWB. (晶片)割縫技術可增加帶寬(流量),產生50歐姆以上電阻而傳輸通過超寬頻(UWB)。

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  8. ADVANCE TECHNIQUES => 先進科技產品 DAR END => (DAR是 Damage...

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  9. ...objection his colleagues had to the technique were more to do with the inability of the field ...objection his colleagues had to the technique }是主詞嗎 那是不是[his colleagues ...

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  10. Travel Trac Technique Inertial Rollers 惰輪軌道式練習台 Travel Trac Technique PRO Alloy Rollers 專業合金型軌道式練習台

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