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  1. ...因為 "由於行車調度問題" 如果翻成英文 應該不是 "Due to the technical problem " 呢? 那都是一樣的意思呀 只不過是用簡單籠統的說法囉 "由於行車...

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  2. We have 100 cables in total here, which should be laid/installed from here over there.If you have any technical problems , you can discuss them with me!

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  3. ... sorry to inform you that tests on the product failed due to technical problems . 如果一有好的消息我們會立刻通知你。 We will let you know as soon as...

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  4. ...of the human and technology interaction among the risk is no longer a purely technical problem , it even involves the environment, interpersonal communication and health problems ...

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  5. 很遺憾,客戶還未能夠克服他技術上的一些問題. 在這種情況獲得解決前、他無法把訂單釋出。

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  6. 因為有政府法令的限制、投入的資金成本可能相當龐大 Due to the restriction of goverment's policies, the cost for investment could be pretty high. 及技術方面的問題需要克服 And there ae some technical problems to be solved.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年10月24日

  7. ...of all quickly guide customer through the design of components, the solution of a technical problem , or a calculation of an engineering point without any significant need for expert...

  8. ...the following installation information. If there are related technical problems ,please contact with authority the

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  9. ...sesame seeds with peanut, although the photo does not look so delicious, but technical problems taking pictures, but also Q hot, sesame taste good, but I...

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  10. ...種類、參與的人數、互倚的程度等加以區分。 (一)問題的種類 1. 技術問題( technical problem ):即溝通符號 傳送的準確性。如文字之可辨識性、說話的清晰 度...

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