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  1. ...-/blog/20070727085435353.jpg?TTQSGKMBD8u8qkEx 加油! 「 sustain 」是指延長音踏板插孔,這是你買來踏板要插入的孔,但記得先插好再開電源...

  2. sustained :持續 property price:房屋價格 rises:上升 sustained property price...

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  3. maintain – I like to maintain my house in good conditionremain – I like to remain where I stayretain – I like to retain her for extra duty after worksustain – I sustain my health through exercising

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  4. 我支持 losses sustained by the defendant 解釋為 "被告所蒙受的損失"... the factual cause of the loss which the defendant sustained and in respect of which he claims compensation...

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  5. 這些數據顯示 對於過去對傳統療法沒有反應的大腸燥熱症患者 識別並且提出其對食物的敏感性 結果獲得持續的臨床反應 並且影響這個案子患者整體的 幸福感和生活品質 也就是藉由對食物敏感性這個方向切入 可以獲得傳統療法無法達到的效果

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  6. 1. sustain , 維持的 意思 2. KPI: Key Performance Indicator, 主要績效指標, 在公司指的是個人或單位的績效評估指標

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  7. ...及物動詞,而b.c.d是及物動詞,且maintain的 意思 比較接近"保養.保持", sustain 的 意思 則是"支撐.忍受",故選擇a

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  8. ...the wall, people has 1.5 hours to escape from the fire, or the wall can sustain the fire for 1.5 hours without collapsing. One of the ...

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  9. Here, "present" means revealed (被揭示的,被揭露的) or existing (存在的). It is used as an adjective to describe "fractures". You can also treating as "skeletal fractures (being) present...

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