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  1. ...に 是不正確 用法 ))) ~~ ((( 使っている+ときに 是不正確 用法 )))--->> 請告知此一說的來源出處 請看: ...ーディオの出力が切り替わらないことがある http:// support

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  2. ...有何詮釋上的不同呢? 1.sentence structure不同: 省去關代 用法 (這說法也許值得商榷): what = the thing which 如版主所說 be the requirements, the nutrients, to support life whether past, present or future. OR We basically...

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  3. ...不可數名詞的差別且profit的片語和例句很多之外, 這兩字 用法 上的差異? 這兩字最大的差異在於「語意」的不同:profit...對話上看到"He didn't give enough evidence to support his points. I gave him...

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  4. award for his accomplishment. The research is worthy of continuous support .

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  5. (1.) She supports a woman's right to choose abortion. (2.) They are deprived...

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  6. ...more seats. b. Greater in size, amount, extent, or degree: more land; more support . 2. Additional; extra: She needs some more time. NOUN...

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  7. ...:-Shaking your hand for a warm welcome. eg:-(7)in support of somebody:-Are you for or against the president? eg:-(8)to show...08-02 07:45:51 補充: 找英文版大字典看 FOR 常用介系詞 用法 . 看牛湋網路系統字典.

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  8. ... the support of the workers. 可以詳細告訴我這一句的 用法 嗎? (尤其是 support of the workers ) 可以改成They received the workers...

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  9. ...形容詞,沒有問題。 但第二個句子中,kindly卻是副詞,故不可用kind來取代。 kindly support 的「kindly」是形容詞的 用法 喔。 Adj.+N. 希望有為你解答 : )

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  10. ... car. 我的汽車最多能做4人。 5. (up) to the hilt 完全地 例:I ll support you to hit hilt. 我完全支持你。 6. up to the mark 達到要求的標準 例:Her...

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